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An Explanation of Services


Our team arrives prior to the event to get setup and ready to serve your guests. Each service option requires careful coordination and timing and unique tablescapes so the catering table looks as beautiful as the rest of the room..

Serve Guests

Available service options include:

1. Delivery/Drop-off w/ setup

2. Standard buffet options

3. Elevated buffets w/ carving stations

4. Elegant plated options

5. Hand passed Hors D'oeuvres


Weddings can be a mess, and they should be! Our team makes sure all the little things get done along the way so everyone there for the wedding, can simply enjoy the wedding. We stay until it's completely done, it's just who we are.

Bar Services

We offer four different bar service options:

1. Wine and Beer only service

2. Wine, Beer, and Spirits

3. Custom Cocktails (pre-batched)

4. Full cocktail bar, each crafted on-site

Bussing Tables

Our servers become bussers and clean and clear tables throughout the evening to make sure the entire room looks photo worthy all night long. We also gather dishes for the dishwasher and bar glasses when we have the bar.


We do not provide dishes, but we do provide dishwashers and we've worked with every rental company in NWA. We know exactly how to clean and pack dishes so they're ready to be dropped back off at the rental company.


We offer our most popular wedding bundles below OR you communicate your vision and we'll put together a custom proposal for you.

Schedule a Tasting

Weddings are more than just an occasion for food, it has to be exactly right. That's why we love to have guests into our kitchen to sample our amazing food and meet our outstanding team.

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